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A Letter to my Daughter on her 3rd Birthday

To kick off our Love Yourself challenge month, I wanted to share the birthday letter I wrote to Henley for her 3rd birthday. I want to raise her to have body confidence and know how much she is loved! Make sure to check out My Life Well Loved and Hairspray and Highheels for their body positive posts. Also scroll down to take part in the Love Yourself challenge!

Happy birthday Princess Peanut Buttercup! Whew year 2 showed me just how strong your little personality is and girlfriend, you will run the world one day. There is so much personality, and quirks and amazingness shoved into your tiny little body, I’m awed that you don’t just bust open in a stream of sparkles and fireworks.

You frequently try and steal your classmates lunches, and your teachers have learned to put your lunch out last so you don’t terrorize everyone else. But you also love to play with your friends and flirt with the boys. You bust into song at any given moment, and LOVE when I play a “pwincess songs” and dance with you in the kitchen. I can’t paint your nails enough, and you only want to wear dresses. You really enjoy putting people, dogs and toys in time out, but you also love giving kisses and and adoringly holding faces.

My darling girl, I am so blessed to have you. Our whole family is so lucky to have a light like you. Thank you for being the sweet, spunky, bundle of sunshine you’ve always been. Don’t ever lose that light. I love you more than life.

8 thoughts on “A Letter to my Daughter on her 3rd Birthday”

  1. So sweet! She is beautiful, just like her mama! And so so so lucky to have such a strong foundation in YOU. ❤️

  2. Happy 3rd birthday to your daughter! This was such a sweet letter! I have a 3 year old son and is so close to busting open at the seams like your daughter. He loves Disney movies so he listens to a lot of princess songs as well. They say 3 (threenager) is worse than 2, so far our son is doing really good at this age! I hope this is a great year for your daughter!

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