At-Home Spa Day

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Need the perfect at-home spa day? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her favorite tips for the best at-home spa day ever. See them here!

I talk frequently about self-care, and there’s a good reason for it. As moms our job is to take care of everyone else. When we’re run down and burnt out, we’re no good for anybody. I know I can get grumpy and short when I don’t take time for myself. So,this Mother’s Day, I’m giving myself a full at-home spa day, using Dove Products.

Need the perfect at-home spa day? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her favorite tips for the best at-home spa day ever. See them here!
Need the perfect at-home spa day? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her favorite tips for the best at-home spa day ever. See them here!

Tips For The Best At-Home Spa Day

To start, I’ll pour myself a hot bubble bath and play some of my favorite music. I may even have a glass of wine. First,I’ll use the Dove Nourishing Body Wash (I also use it for the bubbles for my bubble bath). It has a delicious peony scent and is creamy and nourishing for my skin. Then I’ll exfoliate with Dove Exfoliating Body Polish. It comes in a refreshing pomegranate scent that reminds me of being at the beach. It also leaves my skin soooo soft and smooth. I’ll lounge for a bit longer and enjoy my bath, then get out and dry off. Last, I’ll moisturize,and I am feeling fresh and revived!

Need the perfect at-home spa day? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her favorite tips for the best at-home spa day ever. See them here!

If you don’t have time for a long luxurious bath, a quick shower will do too! You can use the Dove Body Wash Mousse with Rose Oil to make you feel just as pampered. It’s paraben and sulfate free with gentle cleansers that not only clean but nourish every part of your body. The rose oil also gives your skin some much needed extra moisture. You’ll step out of your shower with a gentle glow and a better attitude. You can get all of these products at Sam’s! Grab some for yourself and the mother’s you love in your life.

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  1. An at-home spa sounds wonderful for my wife for Mother’s Day. Dove products will make her happy, and she would appreciate their great quality.

  2. Dove products are so great! I’ve been using them for years. They always make my skin and hair feel so good.

  3. I love Dove products! They smell great and never irritate my sensitive skin. An at home spa day sounds fun!

  4. Dove is a pretty awesome brand. I am overdue for some self-care. An at-home spa day sounds like a perfect way to start my weekend.

  5. I always use Dove Body Wash Mousse and it really the best shower products I have used. Have to use it for my spa day as well.

  6. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    Dove is my choice for bath and body wash. Oh, and even shampoo and conditioner too. It just makes my skin feel so good and my hair feels clean and revitalized!

  7. Both of those sound amazing! I’m a sucker for anything rose scented … will have to try!

  8. I love to treat my daughter to an at home spa treatment! Teaching them self care early is so important as they mature.

  9. I love at home spas! I’ve been seeing a lot about Dove tho? I may start using their products and see

  10. We have just started using Dove for our hair products and have seen a big difference in our hair softness. I have 4 daughters so an at home spa day is a great idea!

  11. I really like dove hair conditioners. Would check dove exfoliating body polish soon! 🙂

  12. I love Dove products. It’s moisturizing effect is perfect for my dry skin. It really works for me.

  13. Dove is my favorite. I can see how it could make a home spa day extra special. 🙂

  14. Spa days at home are the best. Thanks for this. I love using Dove products and need to go get this one!

  15. Eileen M Loya says:

    I need to do this on Mother’s Day. I will put up a reminder note on the refrigerator door. I hope they get the “hint.”
    A home spa day with Dove is as good as i t can get.

  16. Wonderful! I actually quite love Dove products – the shampoo and conditioner lines are my faves!

  17. My wife loves Dove products.
    …I’ll pas the home-spa idea on to her 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  18. Wendy Polisi says:

    Dove is an amazing company. Especially since they’re soon to get the bunny logo for being cruelty free!

  19. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    I would love to try that Exfoliating body polish. My skin is starting to show some signs of dryness and this body polish will help me get rid of the dryness. I am glad I came across your blog today. This is what I will do on Mother’s Day!

  20. I love Dove products.They are a different class in themselves. I too would love to spend a day as a Spa day using Dove.

  21. Kristine Nicole says:

    I will reserve the whole Saturday afternoon for pampering myself. I deserve it after working hard for the entire week! Dove products will help me get the soft skin that I want!

  22. Elizabeth | Tired Mom Supermom says:

    Dove is truly the best. Their products do not irritate my skin and i feel safe putting it on my children’s skin as well!

  23. Lavern Moore says:

    This is a great article on why you should consider using Dove products for an at home spa day.

  24. Dove does the most lovely items, don’t they? They can really help pamper yourself and look after your skin. Definitely a brand that I love to have in cupboard.

  25. dove is my favorite brand since a long time. doing spa at home is such a calming feeling!

  26. katrina kroeplin says:

    dove is amazing. i don’t think they have a product that i don’t love.

  27. I need these products, I feel like spa days are necessary. Sometimes we forget to pamper ourselves from time to time.

  28. Dove has some amazing products. I have been using Dove products since my childhood. absolutely love it.

  29. blair villanueva says:

    I am an avid DOVE user here, and oh boy, why we don’t have these items here in the Philippines?! I would love to add these to my collection

  30. Elizabeth O says:

    It’s very interesting to see an uptick in posts on this subject as we approach Mother’s Day. I do hope all Mom would take heed and implement a self care routine.

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