Best Activewear 2019

Looking for the best activewear? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing the best activewear she found in 2019. See it here!

The Best Activewear of 2019

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  1. Is there anything to read? I don’t think it’s loading right.

  2. You look great. Love everything you’re wearing x

  3. I love these! They look very comfortable, and they’re super cute. I know working out is all about getting healthier, but I do like to look good while I’m sweating away!

  4. I love the white top with keyhole cuts on it. I think its breathable and also it’s versatile. It’s easy to mix and match and you can use it frequently.

  5. Love those joggers! Great roundup of items… activewear is my favorite!

  6. So many cute looks. I love the pastels. I also love the black.

  7. Lavern Moore says:

    These are some cute little pieces. I especially like the satin shorts.

  8. Frederique says:

    Very cute and sporty looks. I really like the half pink half blue one.

  9. All of these options are super cute. I have been looking for more active wear since I’m running almost daily and my options are severely limited when it comes to what to wear. I’ll have to keep my eye open for some of these pieces when I’m shopping.

  10. Ooo! I love that black top! It looks so comfy and cool!

  11. I’m still a “wear a sporty tank and some tights” type of girl. I do like that jacket though. The only thing missing from my wardrobe.

  12. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    I like the pink Nike jacket! So girly! Love it! I also like the sports bras. They look not only cute and comfy but it sure looks like it will offer the proper support.

  13. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been looking for just this so I could have some new outfits to work out in.

  14. Active wear is my everyday wear, too. I love those cropped joggers. So many great things here!

  15. Wup wup….I love the 2nd frame (picture of you in the black wear)! Looks really cool and my kind of thing, would I be buying it or one!

  16. All of these look stylish and comfortable!

  17. elizabeth o says:

    Enjoy them! They are not what I would choose for active wear but that is the beauty of fashion. Something different for everyone.

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