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Divorce Books/Podcasts

Another much requested post is the best books and podcasts I recommend for people who are going through divorce .  I am happy to share what’s helped me, and if you have any other recommendations for the best divorce apps and podcasts please be sure to share your favorites below!  

The Best Divorce Apps and Podcasts 

  1. You’ll Get Through This– One of the top recommendations from y’all!  A great and motivational book to get you through the toughest parts of divorce. 
  2. 5 Love Languages– Also another recommendation from so many of you.  I do love this book and it does teach you how you love and the best ways to accept love.
  3. Tiny Beautiful Things– Everyone should read this book.  It will inspire you, make you cry, and give you faith in humanity again.
  4. Rebulding– Just started and I already love it!  
  5. The Viall Files- I haven’t listened to anything but Episode 48 but it was a real eye-opener! 
  6. Mark Groves Podcast- I love every episode and it really opens your eyes to 
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