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How to Build Muscle

So many of you have asked- how I got my abs! After a bunch of trial and error popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her top secrets. Click to see them HERE!

Another frequently asked question from y’all, and I am here to answer it.  A lot of you wanted to know how I got my abs to finally pop.  Honestly, I was doing abs wrong for YEARS.  That’s embarrassing to say since it’s my job to know these things.  But if I am being honest, the more I did a cardio based workout and  ab work 4 times a week I still couldn’t figure out why they weren’t more defined. 

Until now….

How I Got My Abs to Pop FINALLY!

The secret, and what’s been working for me, is 2 days a week of weighted abs.  I focus on my abdominal muscles one day a week, then 3 days later do my obliques.  I do have to say- be careful on the obliques.

TIPS to think about:

  1. If you go heavy with low reps it will bulk them which will thicken your waist, not thin it.  
  2. For obliques make sure to do medium weight and high reps.  

I’ve posted all of my ab workouts on IGTV for y’all, so make sure to head there to see what I’ve been doing.  Next week we’ll discuss leaning and toning muscle!

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