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Looking for new supplements for weight loss or muscle building? Popular Atlanta Fitness blogger Happily Hughes is sharing her top new supplements here!

Ya’ll know I love trying new supplements.  I was introduced to a new company last month and have been taking some of their top products for almost two weeks now.  I am a HUGE FAN!  So I wanted to share with you these new products.  They’re from Modere, and I am currently on the Lean Collection.

New Supplements for Weight Loss/Muscle Building

The Lean Collection consists of Trim, Burn and Activate.  Trim you’ve probably heard about before.  It’s a liquid you that take 1 TBSP full of in the morning.  It’s full of clinical-strength CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and Collagen.  Both are very important for fat loss, muscle tone, and tendon/ligament support.  Since beginning the use of Trim I have noticed an increase in overall energy and muscle tone, as well as better sleep at night.  

Burn is another fantastic product that helps give you energy all day while supporting and increasing your metabolism.  I know we’ve all been snacking and eating more lately, yet I’ve actually lost 2 pounds!  And I promise you, its not from a calorie deficit.  I’ve actually been eating an average of +200 calories a day. 

Activate is a gentle 3 day cleanse with aloe vera.  It’s a great way to restart the system, especially now!  You can get these products separately, or together.  Trim by itself is $99 (absolutely worth it in my opinion) but the Lean Collection is only $139 total.  I went for the entire collection and have it set to Smartship each month.  If you order, you can also get $10 off by using the links on this page, and you can get another $10 off if you sign up for Smartship!  THEN if you love the products, tell your friends with your referral code.  Each friend that purchases gives you another $10 towards your next purchase!

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