Gym Equipment for the Buttocks

Gym Equipment for the Buttocks featured by popular Atlanta fitness blogger, Happily Hughes

Booty building week 2!  How sore are you?  My butt was on fire after todays workout!  I’ll have a couple extra workouts for y’all this week on stories and IG– so make sure to check that out.  Also, don’t forget to check out My Life Well Loved and Nashville Wifestyles for their booty-building posts this […]

Booty Challenge Week 1 and Supplements I Use

Booty Challenge Week 1 and Supplements I Use featured by popular Atlanta Fitness blogger, Happily Hughes

A booty challenge is my favorite type of challenge!  Let’s build those booties ladies.  When I surveyed ya’ll you said this was the number one problem area and I absolutely agree.  If you’ve had babies, you probably had a bootylicious booty during pregnancy.  Then after, it tends to deflate.  Weightlifting and working out, as well […]

Frequently Asked Fitness Questions

Frequently Asked Fitness Questions by popular Atlanta fitness blogger Happily Hughes

Frequently Asked Fitness Questions  *Make sure to check out Veronika and Heather’s posts for this week as well!* How do you find time to workout?  I MAKE time.  1 hour of every day I have blocked off for the gym.  If something happens, as it often does with children, I make up for it the […]

Sexy Summer Arms Workout For Women with luluLemon

Lulu Lemon New Line Wunder Unders

  So I got a fair amount of back lash last week when I told ya’ll that I wasn’t a big fan of lululemon.  I mean, I was getting messages and text messages from friends and readers.  Ya’ll are loyal to your brand, I’ll give you that much!  I was actually approached by a local […]