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Plank Challenge Week 4 by popular Atlanta fitness blogger Happily Hughes

How’s everyones planks coming along?  Are you feeling Spring Break ready??  I’m actually not.  Haha I’ve gained 5 pounds and 3 inches!  It’s muscle but not what I wanted- so I’m gonna do even more planks to whittle that waist!  Here’s this weeks plank challenge: 

Plank Challenge Week 4

  • Day 1: 3 rounds 30 second plank, 10 burpees, 20 each side for sidearm plank with wrap and reach Go to My Life Well Loved to see the video. 
  • Day 2: 2×1 minute planks 
  • Day 3: 30 burpees 
  • Day 4: 3×20 sidearm plank with wrap and reach 
  • Day 5: 3x 1 minute planks 
  • Day 6: 30 burpees 2×1 minute planks 
  • Day 7: Rest

If you’re like me and tend to build muscle easily, here’s what I’m doing to slim down a bit:  I’m lowering the amount of weight I’m doing even more.  I’m also making sure to do at least two HIIT cardio days a week.  I’m already at 1800 calories per day with a 35/35/30 split.  If you want to learn more about macros go here

Plank Challenge Week 4 by popular Atlanta fitness blogger Happily Hughes


10 Responses

  1. Spring Break was last week here, so I am working for the summer now! This looks like a great challenge, I need to go back to the first week and start on this!

  2. This challenge will help me be ready for summer. It’s so cold that I haven’t hit the gym for the past 2 months.

  3. I have been really focusing on my planks this month! I should totally join you challenge! Right now I’ve just been doing one minute plank, one minute forearm plank, and one minute one arm plank both sides. It’s 4 minutes of horror but it’s working.

  4. I love these daily workout challenges. I have been doing them all winter with app on my phone. At first I didn’t like plank at all after a while it has grow on me. ?

  5. I so need to stop being so lazy and start working out again! I work a labour job, so I do a lot of physical work during the day, but I still feel like I need to incorporate something like this into my daily routine!

  6. What a fun challenge! I definitely want to get involved with something like this. I want to be stronger and ready for swimsuit season!


  7. This post is reminding me how much Ive been slacking off… Will definitely take note and incorporate this into my daily exercise!