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Life Update- Divorce etc…

Hey friends!  I know it’s been a minute since I updated y’all on everything going on in the Hughes household- so here goes… The divorce was finalized recently.  Like fully, signed off by a judge, finalized.  If you’ve ever been divorced you know how huge that is!  The relief of finally being done with that crazy process after almost nine months was pretty huge.  I honestly slept 10+ hours for 3 days.  

Now it’s time to focus on our future.  Its exciting and daunting all at the same time.  Many of you don’t know this but I met my ex-husband very young.  I got married young.  Now I’m a 32 year-old single mom who has never had to pay a bill before.  Or  budget a household.  I’m embarrassed to say it, but that’s my reality.  I am starting completely over at 32 years of age. 

I could let that be sad and scary.  But I’m looking at it as the opportunity it is. I am honestly excited to start this new chapter and to learn new things.  To have total control of our future.  

The kids are doing well.  I’ve had several of you ask how they’re doing and they’ve transitioned to this new normal pretty seamlessly.  We still have hiccups now and again with attitudes etc but overall they’ve impressed me with their adaptability.  And I honestly think they’re getting more quality time with Jason and I.

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