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Best Bloody Mary Mix

Now that fall is rolling in and it’s football season, I need to share my favorite alcoholic beverage.  Most of you don’t know this, but in my past life I was also a bartender.  Not a fancy one at an upscale restaurant but a college student drink slinger at one of the many slightly/very dingy […]

Publix Cheat Sheet

I had my friendly local Publix manager walk me through the store last week to show me easier ways to shop organic.  I was getting frustrated because things seemed to be all over the store, but I actually just wasn’t paying attention.  Did you know they color code their food labels?!   Here’s a quick […]

Revamped Mama pt. 3

Y’all know I would do it.  Part of feeling great is giving your body the nutrition that it needs.  I know first hand how hard it is to find time to eat, so I wanted to give my followers quick and delicious options that they can grab on the go.  I did a lot of […]

Mama Revamped Part 2

I’m calling all women to join me in this!  Once a week, set aside one hour for you.  One hour to pamper and love on yourself.   It won’t just be good for your soul, but for your skin too!  I’m obsessed with skin care.  My mom’s a derm nurse so she keeps me up […]