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Fairlife Baby Cow Farm Tour

fairlife Farm Visit

This farm visit post is sponsored by fairlife.  I only work with brands that I love and believe in.  Thank you for helping me to support them. 

Cow at Fairlife Farm - fairlife Farm Visit by Atlanta style blogger Happily Hughes

I am so excited to finally share my Fair Oaks Farm visit with you!  If you know me, you know I’ve recently become slightly obsessed with cows. It’s all because of my visit to Fair Oaks Farm back in September.  Now many of you know I’m a big proponent of drinking milk- it’s so good for your body and your childrens’.  Ever since drinking fairlife ultra-filtered milk two years ago, it’s the only milk I drink.  After the farm visit, I feel even more confident supporting and loving their brand!  You can also watch the video here.

We arrived at Fair Oaks and immediately got to meet Sue McCloskey- co-founder of Fair Oaks Farms and fairlife ultra-filtered milk.  Her husband, Mike McCloskey was speaking at a Farmer’s of America convention during our stay, and I’m sad we missed him.  But Sue knows the business like the back of her hand, and what’s even more apparent is her love and passion for farming and taking care of her “girls” as she so sweetly calls the cows.

Fairlife Baby Cow Farm Tour - fairlife Farm Visit by Atlanta style blogger Happily Hughes Baby Cow Love Fairlife - fairlife Farm Visit by Atlanta style blogger Happily Hughes

My absolute favorite part of the whole farm visit was the birthing barn.  I actually got to sit and play with three newborn calves.  Did you know baby calves are separated from their moms for the betterment of both mom and baby?  This way the baby gets milk right away and can be monitored for sickness, and the mother gets milked right away as she’s actually in intense pain until her first milking.  Also, mother cows can reject their calves, so this insures proper nutrition, and proper care for mom and baby.  Sue got right into the calves pen and you could see her love of the animals in every gesture and word. 
Fairlife Farm Tour Food for Cows - fairlife Farm Visit by Atlanta style blogger Happily Hughes Fairlife Farm Tour - fairlife Farm Visit by Atlanta style blogger Happily Hughes Cow at Fairlife Farm - fairlife Farm Visit by Atlanta style blogger Happily Hughes

We also got to see the milking wheel, and the barn in which the cows are housed.  Both were built for the cows ultimate comfort and health.  The feeding barn has showers, automatic cleaners, and fans to keep the cows at the perfect temperature.  And the feeding wheel is where the cows socialize while they’re milked.  It was so neat seeing how relaxed and calm the cows were!  It also makes me that much more confident in my choice of fairlife ultra-filtered milk for my family.

But what really made me love fairlife is Sue.  Sue and her husband have made it their life’s work to better the lives of farm animals, as well as produce the best products for families just like theirs.  I wish everyone could meet Sue so they could see her love and passion for animal care, as well as producing the healthiest products for us all.  

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  1. What a cool experience! I have been to a birthing barn at a farm once and it was really amazing to see the babies! You’re reminding me about drinking more milk! And, love how fairlife has such a mindful vision about the treatment of farm animals.

  2. That baby calf is so cute! I am not familiar with Fairlife, but it sounds like a very ethical brand. It’s great to see brands that support the ethical treatment of animals.

  3. Oh you had me at the baby cow pics! I went to the Fairlife site to check them out more after your post- what great stories about the various farmers! I am looking for their products in my local stores on my next grocery trip. P.S. Thanks for looking so stylish & adorable on a farm trip, not intimidating at all..:)

  4. My in-laws live on a farm and have beef cows. It is amazing to watch how the mothers are with the babies. And you are right that sometimes they don’t even want anything to do with the baby! I can’t imagine, but such is life! What an awesome experience you got to have.

  5. First off your so pretty! And second I am very jealous that you got to see baby cows being born! Haha that’s amazing! I’l have to see if there is a way to get that milk brand around here somewhere in DC area.

  6. It is great that the barns are built with animals comfort in mind. What I want to know is how on earth you can still look so gorgeous even in the middle of a farm?

  7. I love your last picture, what a great shot of the cows nose. Interesting what you wrote about the calves being separate. I don’t disagree about the mothers being in pain. But it’s kinda weird separating a baby from it’s mother. Ultimate domesticating.

  8. Sounds like you had a great time at the farm! Its clear that the family really care about their cows. It is important that they are so well looked after.

  9. I love farms – some of my favorite places to visit especially with my kids. And I am incredibly impressed with the woman who wore sandals to a dairy farm 🙂

  10. I would love to visit this little farm! My kids have become obsessed with farm animals and would freak over this!

  11. I have always wanted to take my kids to visit a farm like this. Looks like there was much to see and learn.

  12. Omg how fun!!!! My daughter is currently obsessed with all things related to farming!!! Cows are her favorite!!!

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