FWTFL Week 1- Low Carb Days

Not sure how to tackle low carb days? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing tips to conquering low carb days with Faster Way to Fat Loss. See them HERE!

Yay for Faster Way to Fat Loss! How’s everyone feeling so far? I know it’s only day two, but I’m not hating this. Unlike Whole30, which you can read my thoughts on in the linked blog post. Make sure to check in with our whole group of FWTFL ladies to see what meals they’re eating etc. My Life Well Loved Sew Sarah

Not sure how to tackle low carb days? Popular Atlanta Blogger Happily Hughes is sharing tips to conquering low carb days with Faster Way to Fat Loss. See them HERE!

So, as I’ve talked about before FWTFL is macros, IF and carb cycling. I was already doing macros and IF, but I am excited to see what the carb cycling does! Day 2 of low carbs and I’m feeling pretty great, probably from all of the protein and veggies.

Here are some tips to still hit your low carb days:

  • Eat only leafy greens. Starchy greens will completely bomb your carbs.
  • Protein at every single meal.
  • Avocadoooooos are life!
  • Have an easy grab and go nut mix and protein drink

Any other pointers for low carb days?

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  1. Stick to it. A low carb diet results in sustained energy levels compared to carbs that spike your energy levels and then drop you into the valley of no energy. It will also assist with keeping blood sugar levels constant during the day.
    …. it’s not a diet it is a lifestyle. 🙂

  2. Good tips. Very relevant for me as I am on doctor’s advise to be on low carbohydrates diet.

  3. My mum us on a fat loss journey. I am sure she will be excited to learn about faster way to fat loss. 🙂

  4. You are looking good! Thanks for the valuable tips. I know I can follow them to help me lose more fat.

  5. I need to get back on a regimen. I have troubles avoiding carbs too so any support is great.

  6. Me and my hubby just started a low carb diet. We arent being super restrictive on veggies and fruits but the biggest switch has been from pastas to zucchini noodles for dinners. What protein drink are you using?

  7. For me, eggs are so helpful. I keep hardboiled eggs available (peeled and ready to go) and I have found that a little vinegar to dip them in is so delicious.

  8. Love this! After the holidays it’s been so hard to get back on my health/fitness game. Any advice is good advice.

  9. These are really awesome tips! Thank you for sharing your journey. I wish I could get back to my low carb diet.

  10. Honestly I have no idea what else to eat for low-carb days. I do try to avoid a lot of gluten a lot of days here because I just find it really slows me down and kind of makes my stomach bloated. I work out a lot here and we are extremely fit as a family together and active but one thing that we definitely do need to work on is the food and nutrition part of that commitment so yeah I clearly understand where you’re coming from and I need to really sort of commit and get more information about this myself.

  11. I’m on a lower carb diet and really appreciate these tips!

  12. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    I also try to minimize my carb intake because I am diabetic and it is not good for my health. If I do have to include carbs in my diet, I choose the ones with a low glycemic index to avoid sugar spikes.

  13. blair villanueva says:

    I tried to minimize my crab intake but sometimes its so hard to resist. Food is life!

  14. Keep it up, you got this!!! It’s all in your mind so you are stronger than that!

  15. I love green leafy veggies and avocados. You look great and will definitely reach your low carb goal!

  16. Low carbs are really the way to go! But it can be so hard sometimes!

  17. Wow. You look amazing. I love how much you’ve been working on all this. Leafy greens are my go-to.

  18. Elizabeth O says:

    Oh this is my kind of diet. All green! You got such a wonderful journey.

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