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Holiday Honey Hustle Challenge Year 3!

It’s Holiday Honey Hustle Challenge Time!!  MY favorite time of year because 1. Its the holidays and 2. I get to do these workouts with you lovely ladies.  If you’re new here, this is a yearly challenge I do with Laura and Heather in which we give y’all weekly workouts, an awesome giveaway, and we even have a facebook group for support (linked above).  Scroll down for challenge guidelines, as well as the extra workouts we’ve given you.  I have also posted a new workout on my IGTV and I am doing a fitness Q&A on stories today.

Some Extra Holiday Honey Hustle Guidelines:

  • Drink 8+ Cups Of Water Daily
  • Workout 3-5x Per Week: Find 3-5 workouts that you enjoy: walk, run, fitness class, etc.
  • Complete The Holiday Honey Hustle Daily Challenge 3-5x Per Week: Posted above.
  • Limit To 2 Cheat Meals Per Week: With all the delicious indulgences the holiday season brings, feel free to treat yourself 1-2 times per week! Otherwise eat CLEAN (think shopping the perimeter of the grocery store eating whole foods like meats and veggies).
  • High protein, low sugar for EVERY single meal (Think all natural foods, paleo-ish, tons of veggies, clean eating)
  • Fast 16 Consecutive Hours Daily (Optional): I have LOVED doing FWTFL, and if you want to learn more go here go here!

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