Toddler Boy Room Design

Oh happy, emotional, pregnant tears- Hudson’s toddler room is FINALLY done.  This was a labor of love/ a slight pain in the ass.  Ok a big pain.  But worth every single second when I got to see his ecstatic face.  To say he loves his room is an understatement.  He’s obsessed.  I’m going to take […]

BUMPStyle Box Pregnancy Style and 23 Week Bump Update

     23 weeks and this bump is BUMPIN’ ya’ll.  Which means I am officially enjoying maternity clothes.  Why can’t we wear those all the time, not just during pregnancy?  I’m so comfortable!  I think we should make elastic waistbands a fashion statement.  Seriously.  In the meantime, I am loving BUMPStyle Box Maternity Clothing!  They’re […]

Pregnant DIY Halloween Costume

  This post is sponsored by Wayfair.  All thoughts/comments/ideas are my own.  All professional photos done by Amanda Nicole Photography. Check out the end of the post for the rest of the Halloween Party posts! So many fun Halloween DIYs. It is SO hard to find a pregnancy Halloween costume that doesn’t involve buns in […]

THE Best Baby Shower Gifts

 Pin this, bookmark it, and save it to your desktop.  I have compiled the best companies to shop for baby shower gifts.  And it’s not a long list!  6 companies and an endless amount of possibilities to make YOU the best gift giver out there.  Here are the best baby shower gifts:  The Cosatto Supa umbrella […]

Pregnancy Ab Exercises

Pregnancy workout apparel by Ingrid and Isabel via Bump Style Box I know many of you are rolling your eyes at the notion of doing abdominal exercises during pregnancy.  I mean, you have a watermelon growing in there, how the heck are you supposed to still work on those muscles?  It’s actually extremely important for […]

NFL Family Style and Why We Love the NFL

Fall means football and the Hughes, if nothing else, are a football family.  When I first met my husband I knew right away I had met a fellow football enthusiast.  He told me on our first date his dream job would be to build an NFL stadium.  Well guess what?  He’s part of the team […]

22 Week Bump Update

Whoa belly.  Yeah, sweet Henley had a major growth spurt this week!  I love it!  Before, people were too afraid to ask if I was pregnant, conscious that I may have just eaten a couple large pizzas for lunch.  But now there’s no question: there’s a baby cooking in there!  And I have to say, […]

Atlanta Family-Friendly Events- US Weekly Movie Night

This Post is Sponsored By Orville Redenbacher  Obviously family events are important to us.  The Saturday night Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn and US Weekly’s Family Movie Night at Avalon was exactly what we enjoy doing.  There were friends and family everywhere, free popcorn, and Hudson’s favorite movie playing.  Plus that beautiful Georgia fall weather decided to […]

Gearapalooza 2015

So many people have asked “What’s so great about Gearapalooza?”.  I tend to think any kind of get together with like-minded mamas is exciting, but Gearapalooza is much more than that.  A yearly event hosted at New Baby Products by Bump Club and Beyond, Gearapalooza is all about finding the best products for YOU and […]

We Have Exciting News to Share…

Yup you read that right- we’re expecting!!!!  I still can’t believe it!  Baby Hughes #2 will be here late January, Lord help us all.  P.S. All photos done by the lovely Joleen Pete Photography. How did we find out?  Well honestly I had no idea I was pregnant.  We weren’t planning it, that’s for sure. […]

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a magnificent holiday weekend!  We went up to the lake house, and I think these pictures speak for themselves:  Also, if you love any of the pictures, there’s a high probability Love Joleen took them.  Because she’s magic.

Toddler Activities

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these!  Hudson is SO busy all the time it’s been hard to put down my thoughts, but here we go.  As a 22 month old he’s learned: that items are breakable, the toilet is clogable, and mud is the perfect full body paint.  I mean, this […]

Valentine’s Day Photos

 Get ready for Valentine’s cuteness- from the fantabulous Joleen Pete Photography of course.  He was being such a pill that day and she somehow got him to smile.  This lady is a true baby/toddler whisperer.  And this setup??  Total eye candy.  Ah I can’t wait (but totally can) to ooh and aah over these with his […]

Weekend Recap/What We Wore

This past weekend was just what we needed: lots of friend/family time.  Friday night we went to a barbecue with friends.  Jessica: Outfit by Dress Up  Hudson: Little Boogaweezin tank, Susie’s Custom shorts and Freshly Picked moccasins Saturday we joined a new gym and went to Movies Under the Stars with more friends.  Huddy loved hanging out with all the big […]

Publix Cheat Sheet

I had my friendly local Publix manager walk me through the store last week to show me easier ways to shop organic.  I was getting frustrated because things seemed to be all over the store, but I actually just wasn’t paying attention.  Did you know they color code their food labels?!   Here’s a quick […]

Favorite Friday- Swimzip

My summer favorite collaboration has got to be Swimzip.  I ordered Hudson 3 cute little bathing suits for the pool and have barely used them because our Swimzip is easier, safer, and just as adorable.  I’m a big advocate of sun safety because as I stated in an earlier post, I’ve had skin cancer and more […]

Revamped Mama pt. 3

Y’all know I would do it.  Part of feeling great is giving your body the nutrition that it needs.  I know first hand how hard it is to find time to eat, so I wanted to give my followers quick and delicious options that they can grab on the go.  I did a lot of […]

Father’s Day

I was such a mush face this Father’s Day! I don’t know why but every single commercial/Facebook post made me tear up.  I think it’s because I’ve had a full year to appreciate just how hard parenthood is for the other side. There are so many blog posts, ecards, tweets etc about how hard motherhood […]