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Give Them Tomorrow with March of Dimes

March of Dimes Give Them Tomorrows

This post is sponsored by March of Dimes.  I only work with companies I truly believe in, so thank you for helping me to support them. This post has a special place in my heart.  I’ve worked with the March of Dimes in the past, and will continue to do so as I am such […]

Prayers For Daughters As They Grow Up

Prayers for My Daughter

*All photos are by the amazing Amanda Nicole Photography* Having a daughter has completely rocked my world.  Not only because she is the spunkiest, goofiest, most engaging and adorable nugget I’ve ever met.  But because  being a woman, I know how mean and judgmental my sex can be.  My heart already hurts thinking of the […]

Walking Shoes for Baby Girls

Stride Rite Shoes for Baby Girl

This post is sponsored by Stride Rite.  I only work with brands I truly love, so thank you for helping me to support them.  Henley is ALMOST walking.  Any day now she’s just going to go for it.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??  I just had her yesterday!  While I’m not ready for her to grow […]

My Melanoma Diagnosis

First of all, thank you so much for your kind words!  I’ve received so many emails, texts, calls, etc and I am so thankful to have the lot of you in my corner.    I’ve also gotten a lot of questions about how I received my diagnosis, how I knew to go in etc so […]

A Birthday Letter To My Son

Dearest Hudson,  Today you are three.  It may not seem like a big birthday to you, but to me it is.  I feel like I just gave birth to you yesterday.  And now?  You’re becoming a whole human by yourself.  Your personality shines through more and more every day.  And oh how I love that […]

Tiny Love Rocker Napper Review & Henley’s 4 Month

Tiny Love Rocker Napper

Happy 4 months to my baby girl!  Ya’ll, now that she’s grown out of her colic she is SO FUN!  I can’t even begin to tell you.  On vacation this past weekend, she had about 4 or 5 people cooing over her at all times.  She adores attention and does whatever she can to get […]

Colic Cures with buybuy BABY

colic cures

Ok obviously there are no total cures for colic.  I mean, they don’t even know for sure what causes it yet!  But what I do know is it is so frustrating, exhausting, and heartbreaking.  Henley had colic for the first 3 months of her life and whew  was it rough.  Not only was the constant […]

Potty Training Must-Haves

Potty Training Must Haves

Ok so potty training has definitely NOT been my favorite parenthood chore.  I’d almost prefer wiping his butt until he’s 5, ya know?  The mad dashes to the bathroom, the hectic car pull overs, and the accidents (thought they do make for good stories).  I did all of my potty training shopping at buybuy BABY […]

A Love Letter to All Moms

A Love Letter to All Moms

Dear Mom,  I love you.  Yes you.  With the macaroni in your hair, the spit-up on your shirt, and the load of laundry at your feet.  Or you, trying to wrangle a toddler into her carseat before you get yelled at AGAIN by daycare for being late.  And especially you- exhausted, stretched too thin, and wondering […]

Week 21 Bump Update

No numbers this week because what’s more awesome than a bump picture with the Baby Guy?  Nothing.  I went to Gearapalooza last night and got to se my favorite baby gear expert, as well as brush up on my car seat knowledge AND look at all the sweet itty bitty baby clothes.  I keep gravitating […]

Atlanta Family Events- US Weekly’s Family Movie Night

This Post is Sponsored By Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn  This week is full of fun and family-friendly events!  On Saturday, Orville Redenbacher is partnering with US Weekly for US Weekly’s Family Movie Night at the Avalon in Alpharetta.  Bring your family, your friends, and all of your favorite movie snacks and camp out on the lawn […]

Healthy Mama Pregnancy Care

I’ve posted before about the healthy mama brand. and I’m happy to do it again because MOM’S NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS.  It’s been in the news for years how behind the U.S. is in prenatal care.  This one brand, healthy mama, is trying to change that.  Before, finding a prenatal vitamin was an honest […]

20 Week Bump Update

And we’re halfway there!  We had a lovely weekend at the lake, celebrating our country and my husband’s birthday.  Hubbs got a Green Egg for his birthday gift and now he can’t stop meal planning.  Which I am LOVING.  All the food please! Hudson also started his preschool this week!  I was a wreck of […]

Newborn Favorites and a Giveaway

 Oh my goodness, all the cute newborn baby goodness.  Can you stand those onesies?  And the shoes?  And those adorable donut rattles?  I’ll go more in depth throughout the blog post as I show you my current Newborn Must-Haves!  Better yet. there’s a giveaway with Perfectly Baked  on Instagram! I love the brand Perfectly Baked. […]

19 Week Bump Update and Baby's Name

Knitted letter by Knitting Nannies  19 weeks!  Where is the time going?  And how much faster is this pregnancy gonna fly during the holidays?  I don’t like it.  I can feel baby girl kicking all the time now.  She tends to really go to town if Hudson is laying on me, which makes me think […]

Pregnancy Favorites and a Giveaway!

 Here are some of my current pregnancy favorites…and a GIVEAWAY!  Along with sharing my favorite products for a healthy pregnancy, I’m also giving away a canister of AboutTime protein powder, two Namaste Yoga videos, and an entire month of personal training with me!  Worth over $200.  You can enter the giveaway below. Ok the worst […]

Toddler Favorite Book Series

We love finding new books for Hudson!  His current favorites are from The Little Red Bookshop here in Atlanta.  There’s three in the series, with a fourth on the way in September.  The three we have now are A Friend in the End, Then Again Said the Hen, and Forgiving Fox.  Each book has beautiful […]

18 Week Bump Update

Another great week for bump and I!  There was one day where I was completely devoid of energy and the next day my bump was bumpin!  Days like that I have to remind myself to slow down and rest because baby girl is growing and both her and my body need a break.  Hard to […]