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How to Feed a Picky Eater

How to Feed a Picky Eater

This post has been sponsored by Go & Grow by Similac®. As a baby, Hudson was the BEST eater!  I mean he’d eat any and everything I put in front of him.  He LOVED broccoli, for crying out loud.  Then he hit two years old and it all went down the drain.  Vegetables were “yucky”, […]

Must Follow Mommy Bloggers

Must Follow Mommy Bloggers

  Let me preface this by saying I strongly dislike the term “mommy blogger”.  Once you look at the amazing women I’m about to introduce you to, you’ll understand why.  We blog about so much more than motherhood!  I’d really like to change the title to “badass bloggers who are also mothers” but I think […]

Sleep Training Tips: What You Need

how-to sleep train baby - Sleep Training Tips: What You Need by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Happily Hughes

We all need sleep.  I’m one of those who needs it more than most.  If I don’t get a good solid 4 hours at least it’s end game for me.  Seriously, I can’t function.  With Hudson it wasn’t a problem.  He slept through the night at 6 weeks and never looked back.  Henley, on the […]

Leg Postpartum Workout with Baby (Boob Design)

Leg Workout with Baby and Boob Design

You know I love me some boob.  Boob Design, that is.  Boob Design is one of my favorite nursing lines, and when they wanted to collaborate on a postpartum workout feature I said heck yes!  Everything I’m wearing in the above picture is from Boob Design.  And at the bottom of this post is a […]

Ab Exercises: The Ultimate Postpartum Workout with Baby

Working Out with Baby Ab Exercises

I absolutely love my postpartum workout with my kids.  Not only do I get to spend some quality time with them, but it shows at an early age how important exercise is.  Henley is getting to that fun stage where she wants to look at and be a part of everything.  So when I work […]

Figure 8 Maternity Nursing Wear

Figure 8 Maternity Nursing Wear

Just like I enjoyed pregnancy fashion, I am having a grand ol’ time finding fun nursing wear.  When I had Hudson there DEFINITELY weren’t this many cute options!  I feel like most of the shirts were big billowy things that made me look 10-15 pounds heavier.  Nowadays there are so many fun options!  A company […]

Terrifying Tales from Motherhood

Terrifying Tales from Motherhood

These aren’t so much terrifying as hilarious stories from motherhood.  Whether it’s sleep deprivation, distraction, or just overall “mommy brain” there are many scenarios in which you can’t help but laugh.  Or at least find it funny somewhere down the road.  Ever since having Henley, Ive had several pretty funny situations.  If you follow on […]

Packing for Vacation with Kids and an Osh Kosh Coupon Code!

packing vacation kids osh kosh

It’s officially Spring, which means it’s time for the beach!  We have several fun vacations planned this Spring/Summer and I cannot wait to take these sweet munchkins.  Hudson loves the sand and water and I am dying to put Henley in a cutesy little two piece bikini.  That’s the other fun part of vacations isn’t […]

Nursing Wear Loyal Hana (Coupon Code!)

Nursing Wear with Loyal Hana

Another fun nursing wear find!!  Have you heard of Loyal Hana?  If not, you are sorely missing out.  Loyal Hana is a chic and stylish maternity and nursing line.  Every piece is picked with the modern mom in mind.  Whether your a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, or somewhere in between Loyal Hana has the […]

LÍLLÉbaby Review and a Giveaway

Lillebaby Carrier Review

I never used a carrier with Hudson.  I bought a couple but just preferred carrying him around in my arms.  With two kids that’s just not possible.  Plus, I never realized how much easier life is with a baby carrier!  I’ve had the opportunity to try many different brands and I absolutely love the LÍLLÉbaby!  I love […]

Lifestyle Family Photos

Lifestyle Family Photos

One can never have too many photos!  I absolutely love these lifestyle family photos by my dearest Joleen Pete Photography.  Look how itty Henley was!  Wait, she’s still tiny.  But awww how I love how Joleen captured her squishy newborn sweetness in these photos.  And how very much love there is in my little family. […]

Henley’s One Month and a Mamaroo Giveaway!

One Month Baby Tocoto Vintage

My little love is one month old!!  If time flys with the first child, it’s at warp speed with the second!  I swear I just gave birth to her yesterday.  She is such an alert and snuggly baby.  She certainly sleeps less than her brother did, and wants to be laying on my chest or […]

Bottle Feeding a Breastfed Baby

Bottle Feeding a Breastfed Baby

Bottle feeding a breastfed baby can be a whole new exercise in frustration.  They can absolutely refuse to take a bottle, and I’m sure you’ve heard many moms complain about this exact thing.  For Henley we had to try lots of different bottles before we found one or two that would actually work.  One of the […]

Breastfeeding Essentials with buybuy BABY

Breastfeeding Essentials

My breastfeeding essentials!  So let me preface this by saying: I had a very hard time breastfeeding Hudson.  Because of the trauma I experienced with his birth, my milk supply ran out at around 6 weeks.  And it was six weeks of fighting tooth and nail to make it work.  Hudson couldn’t latch, I constantly […]

Breastfeeding Must-Haves: Boob Butter

Breastfeeding Must-Have Boob Butter

As discussed in yesterday’s Postpartum SUCKS post, I had a HARD time with breastfeeding.  My boobs were so engorged I looked like a science fiction pornstar, and my nipples were cracked and bleeding from bad latches.  Those first few days the pain almost brought me to my knees.  My one saving grace was a fantastic nipple […]

Why Postpartum SUCKS

Why Postpartum SUCKS

Oh where to start with this blog post?  The Third Trimester Sucks post went so well, I knew there were plenty of women who needed to read and vent about this post as well.  So here it is:  all the reasons postpartum sucks.  Leave in the comments your own reasons!  I’ll add any spectacular recommendations. […]

Newborn Photography Photo Ideas

Newborn Photography Mom and Baby Atlanta Georgia

I’m not gonna write a whole bunch for this newborn photography post.  The pictures speak for themselves!  I am so in love with these newborn photos of Henley by my sweet friend Amanda Nicole Photography.  She is a certified newborn photographer, located here in Georgia, and boy does she know her stuff!  Not only are […]

Postpartum Hair Care with Dove Hair

Postpartum Hair Care with Dove

 As women, we put our hair through the ringer.  With hair cuts and color, perms and straightening, extensions etc, our hair goes through A LOT!  I’m thinking through the last decade of hairstyles I’ve put my own hair through and shuddering.  I mean look at these from college!!  Thank goodness for the NEW Dove Hair […]