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Third Trimester Exercise Routine

Third Trimester Exercises Prenatal Exercise

You’ve made those New Year Resolutions, now it’s time to stick to them!  If you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant in the next year, I recommend pinning this third trimester exercise routine graphic, as well as several other posts I’ve devoted to this subject: Prenatal Ab Exercises, Second Trimester Exercises, and 1st Trimester Exercises.  These […]

What I Wish I Knew When I Was Pregnant

What I Wish I Knew When I Was Pregnant

There are days that I miss being pregnant.  I know some of you may think that’s crazy.  But for my first time pregnant beauties out there, I did a round-up of what I wish I knew when I was pregnant.  What I Wish I Knew When I Was Pregnant (the first time) Enjoy eating while you […]

LÍLLÉbaby Review and a Giveaway

Lillebaby Carrier Review

I never used a carrier with Hudson.  I bought a couple but just preferred carrying him around in my arms.  With two kids that’s just not possible.  Plus, I never realized how much easier life is with a baby carrier!  I’ve had the opportunity to try many different brands and I absolutely love the LÍLLÉbaby!  I love […]

Best of Nursing- Cake Maternity (Giveaway!)

Best of Nursing Cake Maternity

 I’ve said time and time again that Cake Maternity is my favorite nursing line.  FAVORITE!  Of all time.  Ever.  I had the opportunity to test drive their new fitness and lounge wear and it has just solidified my love for them.  So here are my Best of Nursing picks from Cake.  And there will be […]

Bottle Feeding a Breastfed Baby

Bottle Feeding a Breastfed Baby

Bottle feeding a breastfed baby can be a whole new exercise in frustration.  They can absolutely refuse to take a bottle, and I’m sure you’ve heard many moms complain about this exact thing.  For Henley we had to try lots of different bottles before we found one or two that would actually work.  One of the […]

Why Postpartum SUCKS

Why Postpartum SUCKS

Oh where to start with this blog post?  The Third Trimester Sucks post went so well, I knew there were plenty of women who needed to read and vent about this post as well.  So here it is:  all the reasons postpartum sucks.  Leave in the comments your own reasons!  I’ll add any spectacular recommendations. […]

Newborn Essentials with buybuy BABY

newborn essentials

Now that I’ve got a little peanut at home, I thought I’d put together a list of newborn essentials.  These are items I have used, I absolutely love, and I highly recommend for anyone with a newborn at home!  If you need to order any of these, hit up my favorite baby one-stop-shop buybuy BABY. […]

39 Week Bumpdate and a GIVEAWAY

39 Week Bump with Pink Blush Maternity

Yup, still pregnant.  Hahahah I went to 40 weeks and 1 day with Hudson so I’m not surprised.  The prodromal labor is good and bad some days.  Last night was a bad one.  But other than that, we’re doing good!  Hudson has been super sweet and loving and I’ve spent the past week just soaking […]

Outdoor Maternity Photos with Sew Trendy and Amanda Nicole Photography

Maternity Photo with Sew Trendy Accessories and Amanda Nicole Photography

I have been dying to show ya’ll these outdoor maternity photos!!  In these last few weeks of pregnancy, it’s been hard to remember what a miracle carrying a child is in the first place.  These pictures remind me how lucky I am and to embrace those extra curves!   *A HUGE thank you to Amanda Nicole […]

38 Week Bump Update with Metal Marvels

I have a fun new shop to share with ya’ll called Metal Marvels, and some more fun looks from my sweet friends at BumpStyle Box- but I’ll update you on the bump first since I keep getting emails from you sweet people checking on me 😉 Baby girl is still cooking!  We had a false alarm […]

Hospital Bag Checklist

It’s time to pack that hospital bag!  Since this is my second go-around, I feel much more confident in my packing abilities.  Last time, we showed up to the hospital with 3 suitcases!  Just a little over-prepared.  To prevent you from doing the same, or bringing too little, I’ve put together a Hospital Bag Checklist […]

Why the Third Trimester SUCKS

People keep asking me- “You’re so close, aren’t you so excited?”  Um, DUH!  Get this alien OUT OF ME!!  I mean that in the most loving way possible by the way, I swear.  I’m just OVER being fat and round and swollen and gross.  So done.  The “glow” has left the building, people.  More like […]

Maternity Shapewear with Jewel Toned

Jewel toned maternity shapewear

Happy Monday friends!  Today we’re talking shapewear.  I’ve gotten several emails asking if I’ve been wearing shapewear underneath my tighter pregnancy dresses, and the answer is HECK YES!  Ladies, let’s be honest, as much as I love pregnancy and this little belly, there are parts of me jiggling where they shouldn’t be and cellulite popping […]

37 Week Bump Update

toddler boy photography

I’m in the home stretch now!  We’re currently scrambling with trying to get the house finished, etc.  Jason and I did this with Hudson too.  For some reason, we think the house needs to be fully decorated before she gets here.  Like the baby is gonna care if we have pictures on the walls.  It’s […]

Nuna Leaf Review and a Nuna Mixx Giveaway!

Nuna Leaf Review anda Nuna Mixx Giveaway

I have a very serious question: how did our parents live without the AH-mazing baby gear we get to enjoy today?  I don’t know how they did it!  Especially after trying out this Nuna Leaf.  Remember those bouncers our parents used to put us in?  They were borderline risks for Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Now, though, […]

A Letter to My Firstborn on His Last Days of Being an Only Child

A Letter to my First Born

Dearest Hudson, In a short time you will no longer be an only child.  It’s going to be quite the transition for you, and my mommy heart can’t help but worry. You’ve been the center of my attention for 2+ years and will soon have to share that limelight with another. I want you to […]

36 Week Bump Update and Christmas

Christmas Maternity Photography Silhouette

Yes, I am fully aware I’m jumping the gun on the 36 week bump date but I know none of you want to read this on New Years 😉  This past week was so fun!  Although Huddy and I came down with some nasty, coughy flu thing, we spent the week watching Christmas movies, reading […]

35 Week Bump Update

35 Week Bump Update Maternity Style

Whew this time thing is a beotch.  IM NOT READY!  Hahaha, but seriously, I need to still be approved by my new practice, do a hospital tour, get her nursery in some semblance of order, wash her clothes, etc.. Totally normal for second child, right?  Last Friday I had all the anxiety about these things, […]